People should have the right to choose

a more peaceful end, says Simon Birch

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80 % of the people in the UK

want the law on assisted dying changed





Incompetence and Stupidity

Quite often „newspapers” spread false information about the right to die
and DIGNITAS. For example, they make believe that a mentally and physically
healthy person could pay money and then be euthanized in a clinic in Switzerland

This, of course, is complete nonsense

There are no clinics and euthanasia is prohibited in Switzerland
Furthermore, access to assisted dying in Switzerland is not a matter of money,
but of paperwork, patience, determination and responsibility, of a competent adult

Don’t buy, don’t read and don’t believe such "news", mainly spread by the tabloids.
You are prone to be misled by truncated, twisted, falsified and scandalised “information”.
All these “news” companies intend to do is cashing in on creating hype.
They mislead the public and they are responsible for a lot of suffering

See George Bernard Shaw, in "The Doctor’s Dilemma" (1906), act IV:
" . . . for a newspaper, not having to act on its descriptions and reports,
but only to sell them to idly curious people, has nothing but honor to lose
by inaccuracy and unveracity . . .".

There is only one reliable source of information from and about DIGNITAS: this website



Change the law!

In Scotland, MSP Margo Mac Donald lodged a proposal for a Bill to enable a competent adult with a terminal illness or condition to request assistance to end their own life.
Visit the campaign website (Link)

In England, Lord Falconer tabled the Assisted Dying Bill which would give terminally ill adults the option to take a life-ending medication.
Visit the campaign website (Link)


...and support our cause.

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