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The quarterly “Mensch + Recht” (“Men + Law”) is published by the Swiss Association for the European Convention on Human Rights (SGEMKO). On page 3, DIGNITAS has a right to hospitality and regularly publishes comments and news. The quarterly is available in German only.

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Well Worth Seeing


Response by DIGNITAS
to the Inquiry into End of Life Choices, Parliament
of Western Australia

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A new organisation

My Death, My decision (MDMD) - for a more compassionate approach
to dying in the UK

Campaign Websites

Crowdjustice - A dignified death for Omid

Your Death - Your Choice

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

death: the human experience

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery: death - the human experience

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death: is it your right to choose?

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery: death - is it your right to choose

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Documentaries and
further film contributions

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